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We’re Payam Data Recovery

We are the only company in the world that is an official data recovery partner with Western Digital and also authorised/recommended by Seagate.

About us

Payam Data Recovery is the oldest, biggest and best data recovery company in Australia. We also have a branch in Auckland, New Zealand.
Our passion is helping people, we do this by getting your lost or inaccessible photos, documents and files back for you as fast as possible in a safe and professional way.

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Contact Details:
Phone: 1300 444 800 within Australia.
International: +61 2 80766079

Head office/Super lab address:
Payam Data Recovery
Level 11, 65 York Street,
Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia.

Trading hours:
Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5:30 pm.
No appointment is required, you may visit our office or deliver your device to us for data recovery during these hours.

Payam Toloo

What does the word Payam mean?

The name is from a Persian origin meaning “Message” when translated into English. It is also first name of the founder, company director and senior data recovery engineer at Payam Data Recovery.

Payam Toloo is always happy to be contacted by any customer, and all staff can help with general enquiries. Feel free to phone our head office in Sydney, NSW, or Payam directly on on 02 80766079 or email:

  • How long have you been in business?

    In 1998, Payam Toloo started offering data recovery service as a sole trader.  Over the years, we have expanded, and we now offer data recovery services do all day, every day of the year. We have fully-equipped data recovery labs in five major cities throughout Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide, with engineers committed to performing world-class data recovery.

  • What is the history of Payam Data Recovery?

    When he founded Payam Data Recovery in 1998, Payam Toloo was an 18-year-old student, working as the only employee at his own one-man business, and based in the storage room of his parents’ underground car-park. Not only was he a full-time university student, he also ran his home-based IT support business. Suddenly, his personal hard drive stopped working. It had no backup at all. Everything was lost. Payam was shocked and devastated, like all of the customers we meet today.

    He was also unable to afford the hefty cost of professional data recovery services – between $6000 to $18000 – from either of the two data recovery companies in Australia at the time.

    Payam set out on an ambitious mission – to learn how to fix his hard drive and recover the data himself. He bought 300 broken hard drives from local computer shops, spent six months taking them apart, dissecting them, destroying them, and putting them back together. In this time, he explored the inner workings of hard drives by learning how to break them, how to put them back together, and eventually, he began to learn how to repair them without causing any additional damage. After six months of meticulous practice (and many mistakes along the way), Payam was able to pass the ultimate test: fixing his own broken hard drive. He was so excited by the experience and results that he wanted to share this gift with other people who may be in need of similar services.

    Payam Data Recovery has expanded to a team of 20 staff, working tirelessly at six full-service data recovery labs and passionate about retrieving our customer’s lost family photos, documents, emails, and other important files after unexpected hard drive failures. After experiencing the suffering and hopelessness of losing important data, Payam has made it his mission to focus on relieving the stress of customers, and successfully helps to turn a stressful data-loss crisis into a genuine opportunity to be somebody’s hero!

    Meanwhile, at all six of our Payam Data Recovery locations, we have our own mission: providing the world’s best customer service! Though our company has expanded exponentially from the storage room in the car-park, the humble care and personal touch is still present in our operations. We genuinely care about our customers, and work tirelessly to provide results more amazing than many customers can even imagine. We will never give up on lost data, and believe in always putting extra effort to retrieve it. We strive to work day and night, including weekends, to help save critical files from failed hard drives and other storage devices, bringing them back into the lives of our customers.

Our Data Recovery Labs

We have data recovery labs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland (New Zealand). Check all locations on map below: